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We serve delicious, probiotic rich, living foods. What does that mean? Probiotics are healthy, living bacteria that keep your gut in good shape. Our kombucha and soft serve have plenty of it, making your visit with us both indulgent and functional.

Everything in our cafe is locally made and hand-crafted. We offer organic kombucha on tap, live culture frozen yogurt, cultured coconut vegan soft serve, acai sorbet, sandwiches on toasty 3-day-fermented sourdough bread, gluten free baked goods, and locally roasted nitro-brew coffee.

Come relax on our beautiful patio, take advantage of our free Wifi, and indulge in our crowd favorite - our signature Blueberry Tart Kombucha Float.


In the news

...It drinks like dessert, yet not too heavy, and not overly sweet. It’s summery, and healthy, and would seem to fit Leucadia like a glove.
— San Diego Reader
Live Culture Café is a fine addition to the dining scene in Leucadia and worth checking out for sure.
— Coast News
At newly opened Live Culture Cafe in Leucadia, there’s live music on weekend nights and Saturday morning yoga classes. But the culture referred to in the restaurant’s name isn’t about the arts or spiritual practices. It’s the living bacteria kind.
— San Diego Union Tribune